Taurus Judge
Fancy Taurus Judge/Public Defender holster:  It would be hard to deny the success of the Judge series of revolvers. Say what you want about its accuracy or practicallity, personal experience has shown that it can be very effective and accurate beyond what one might expect. The Public Defender version makes it much easier to pack, so why not put it in some gun leather equal to the task? Holster carving design intrepreted from an old turn of the 19th century western H.H. Heiser holster.
More Judge holster models to come:  We will be working on a pancake conceilment holster as well as an IWB holster for the judge and will display those models as soon as we have examples to photograph. However, don't let the lack of photos stop you from ordering as we can design specifically for your needs, allowing us to increase the number of designs available.
Hunter Style Public Defender holster: We can make these holsters for any version of The Judge and can make them cross draw or with any variation you might want.
The Taurus Judge Revolvers have a high fun quotient: Cowboy action shooters can use loaded down cowboy ammunition for plinking with The Judge. The double action trigger is surprisingly good.  
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