About Us
We are a custom, made to order, leather shop.  As the name implies, our strength is design.  We specialize in making authentic 19th Century cowboy gear as well as SASS competition gun leather, and modern gear as well.  Weve studied the old time saddle makers and their products and can make a gun rig that looks like it came right off the pages of Packing Iron.  We specialize in leather carving and stamping as it was done by F. A, Meanea, in Cheyenne, Wyoming in the 1880s as well as other saddle makers of the period.  Or, we can design an entirely new holster made in a traditional old timey fashion.   We are extremely proud of our western floral carving that runs the full gamut of styles including Traditional Texas as well as the more recent Sheridan Style carving, which has become our most requested carving style.  Its all up to you, the customer.  Rather than feed you a load of BS, we generally let quality speak for itself.  Our goal is to provide true custom service .  Our designs and artwork are award winning.  Were passionate about great leather work and we want you to be passionate about our products.
To Contact Us:
Phone: 859-263-4140
Email: kennedydesigns@yahoo.com
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