Standard Gun Belt:  Tapered strap billet with sewn on buckle billet, fully lined.  Simple border stamping included or can be a fully carved belt.  We also do the ranger belt version of this example.
Cartridge Money Belt:  This is the belt that spawned an entirely new type of frontier holster.  Prior to the introduction of this type of belt in the mid to late 1870s, western holsters were made primarily in the California or "Slim Jim" pattern.  Slim Jim holsters had a sewn-on belt loop that had to be made to fit a specific belt width to function optimally.  Along comes the Cartridge Money Belt and frontier holster design changed radically.  The generic variety of the Mexican Loop Holster was made with an integral loop (usually two loops) that the pouch fit into creating a large loop between the integral back skirt and the pouch, providing enough space for up to a five inch wide belt.  Since gun leather was not usually acquired in matched sets, the Mexican Loop Holster would fit any of the Cartridge Money Belts a cowboy could lay his hand on.  The usefulness of this belt design becomes obvious when one considers that fact that cowboys didnít have wallets or for that matter they had very few pockets in which to securely keep valuables.  Take a look at some of the old photographs and you will find that some of these belts were extremely wide.
Sheridan Carved Dress Belt:  You supply the buckle or ask us to find that special buckle.  We can get gold, silver, or just about any other type of buckle you might want.  This belt speaks volumes about your good taste in western garb.  You definitely wont be accused of being "all hat and no cattle" in this beauty.  However, if you need that special hat to go with this belt, I encourage you to contact my pals at
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