Buscadero Rigs
Classic buscadero with intricate western floral carving:  A beautiful and fully functional gun rig.
For SASS, this would be an unrivaled "B" Western Rig
Classic from the Gunsmoke TV series similar to the holster worn by James Arness.  This rig was made for a Colt SAA with a 4 3/4" barrel.
Classic Buscadero Rig:  Not really introduced until 1920s.  Oak leaves and acorns pattern.  While not a 19th century invention the buscadero style rig is a great canvas for the leather artisan.
Filigree cut with turquoise background:  Do you really want to display that old Colt in a ten dollar holster? Notice the laced main seam.
Photo of whole filigree rig:
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