If you can describe it, I can make it!
Our Products
The detailed product information page contains examples of different products and styles of carving and holster construction.  While we do not have specific model numbers or other such mass production affectations, we do have several general terms and carving styles which can be used to communicate what you want.  We make holsters for all firearms and calibers.  Please be mindful that you can have any of our products just as you want it, so feel free to express your personal preferences.  If you find a photograph of an item that you like, show it to us or give us a sketch of what you want and Iíll make it.  The result will be a hand made and hand tooled product that will, with a little TLC, last a lifetime.
If you're not happy, we're not happy!
Our Policy
We will do our best to make you a happy customer and consequently, we have many happy repeat customers.  If it isnít right, or fails in some way to meet your expectations, we will repair or replace the offending item to your satisfaction.  After all, itís the cowboy way!!
To Contact Us:
Phone: 859-263-4140
Email: kennedydesigns@yahoo.com
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