Our Old West Holsters
Many of the holsters you find displayed on our site have the traditional fit of the frontier era.  This generally means that the revolver fits relatively deep in the holster pouch with a distinct recurve in the area of the trigger guard.  More modern holster throats are cut down lower on the cylinder and the recurve near the trigger guard is less distinct.  You may have any variation of the holster throat pattern that you desire.  However, please consider that the more the cylinder is exposed the more valuable a hammer thong becomes.  The Threepersons design allows for a very quick draw but necessitates a hammer thong since the trigger guard is completely exposed.  Additionally, we will add a muzzle forward cant or muzzle to the rear cant at your request. Any of our gun rigs can be made into a "speed rig" by adjusting the hanging angle of the holster in relation to the belt and cutting the throat down to expose more of the cylinder. However, we also offer a complete line of purpose built competition holsters for SASS shooters complete with steel linings. Youíll be able to draw quicker and re-holster slicker than Roy or Gene if thatís your aim.  Any of our holsters can be made into a cross draw configuration.  We also have some other tricks of the trade to make the holster and belt combination perform as you desire.
Modern Holsters
We also make all manner of modern holsters for modern revolvers and simi-automatic pistols specializing in concealed carry holsters including IWB, high riding belt holsters, and pocket holsters.  We also have a soft spot for 1911 .45 holsters as well.
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