More Western Holsters
Old Time Saddle Carved Half-Breed Holster:  Variation of the half -breed holster with a single cigar band loop with stylized saddle style carving common during the late 19th century.
Black Powder gun rig:  Typical California pattern holster.  This is a historical holster reproduction of Main and Winchester, San Fransisco seen on page 79 of "Packing Iron"patterned for a Colt 1860 Army. The original belt was not carved but this belt is carved with the same floral elements as the holster.
Half- Breed with more modern throat and open toe:  Note the starburst single loop and the intricate geometric tooling pattern, bleed knot, and diamond spots.
H. H. Heiser inspired holster:  Western floral design elements borrowed from  turn of the century holster.  
Two gun filigree rig:  A burgandy pig skin background compliments the filigree cut leather carving. The main seams are round braid laced.
Thong Laced Slim Jims:  These holsters are thong laced with 3/8" cow hide.  
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