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Name / Address
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Please describe the holster you want including Gun Make, Barrel Length, and Caliber:
Please describe the belt you want including caliber for bullet loops and belt size:
Measure from the end of the buckle tongue to the hole most worn or used.  As a rule of thumb, we will take your belt size and add 4 inches for your cartridge belt size.  This works well in most cases, however, if you have slim hips, the extra length will tend to be too long.   If you are currently using a cartridge belt that fits, give us that measurement to be exact.
Please describe the cuffs you want:
Wrist Diameter:    Forearm Diameter: 
Knife Sheaths
We will need for you to send us you knife or we will need a good tracing of the blade, hilt and the handle.
Chaps and Chinks
1. Inches around the thigh, high up in the crotch: 
2. Inches around just above the bend in the knee: 
3. Inches around the calf: 
4. Inseam - length from high in crotch down to top of boot heel: 
5. Outseam - from below your belt to top of boot heel: 
6. For Chinks provide the measurement from just below your belt to mid calf: 
Waist size of your jeans: 
Rifle Scabbards
Brand and model of rifle:    Overall length:   Barrel length:
A tracing of the rifle pattern would also be helpful.
Additional Comments / Questions
Our cartridge belts and holsters are fully lined with cow hide unless an alternative material is requested.  Our prices are very reasonable, given the quality of the work.  Call or email for pricing information.  Turnaround time depends upon total workload.  We’ll give you a reasonable estimate of how long it will take to fill your order.  All custom orders will require a down payment of 50% to begin your project.  Your going to love the results!
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