Shoulder Holsters
Border Stamped Shoulder Holster:  This is a left handed Texas style shoulder holster like those made by saddlemakers in Texas before the turn of the 19th century.  This example was made for a 4 3/4" Colt SAA revolver. The pouch has been given a slight angle to aid in drawing the revolver.  The original old west holsters were usually made straight up and down.  
Western style tanker holster:  This holster style is very functional for hunters who need a holster that isn't going to get in the way. The strap goes around the neck and the holster pouch can be attached to a belt at the muzzle end. The holster rests on the left chest for convenient right handed draw. This particular holster was made to fit the Ruger Blackhawk.
Fancy carved shoulder holster: This right handed holster was made for a 5 1/2" SAA revolver and is canted for easier drawing.
Sewn on pouch old west shoulder holster: A variation of the integrel folded over and sewn pouch style is this variation with the exterior of the pouch sewn to the back pannel.
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