Western Holsters
Meanea Carved Cheyenne Holsters:  Typically, a Chyenne Style Holster is distinguished by several salient features.  These are 1) a contoured holster pouch with 2) a bulge in the holster pouch between the two loop straps, and 3) a sewn in toe plug.  The toe plug serves to prevent mud, snow, and other debris from getting into the gun barrel while the bulge in the pouch prevents it from pulling through the loops.  The below examples are Cheyenne Style Holsters with an F.A. Meanea carving pattern, one of our most popular styles.  The holster on the left is a cross draw configuration.  They are complimented by a cartridge money belt.
Roaring Twenties:  Basically a "Threepersons" style holster carved and appointed with a silver buckle similar to the Hollywood holsters seen from the 1920s through the 1940s.  Many times these were attached to a "Buscadero" belt.  A hammer thong is recommended for this style given that the trigger guard is completely outside the pouch.
Star burst half-breed holster: My design of a 19th century holster.The main seam on this example is thong laced with raw hide.
Texas Jock Strap with Stohlman carving pattern: Holsters are cut high on the trigger guard at the request of the customer for use in cowboy mounted shooting events.  The main seam is thong laced with rawhide.
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