Wild Bunch Rigs
Variation of 1911 R.T. Frazier gun rig:  Page 132 in "Packing Iron" displays an R.T. Frazier Saddlrey holster made between 1915 and 1920. This holster is basically the same pattern but with a abbreviated skirt. The magazine pouch is of the flap variety.
Wild Bunch Holster:  This is a Wild Bunch Competition holster that is compliant with SASS rules and regulations. While it isn't present in the photo, a hammer thong is used to secure the pistol when you are between stages. This example has decorative stitching on the loop.
Original R. T. Frazier design: Another R.T. Frazier style 1911 holster with back skirt.
Another variatioin of the R. T. Frasier Design: Notice that the trigger is exposed in the R.T. Frazier design.  
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